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I’m Coop! I started rapping just like any other kid from the ‘burbs - driving around town freestyling w/ my friends in my Mom’s minivan. And while originals like “Mr. Mac’s Liquor Cabinet’ and ‘Pep Rally Sally’ were big hits, we all have to grow up some time…

I’ve been in software sales ever since, value-selling complex technology solutions to business execs. But after countless conferences, sales presentations, and product demos, I realized something:

Marketers of complex and disruptive technology are failing to make a truly emotional connection with their audience.

SaaS, augmented reality, integrated project delivery (that’s real, look it up!)… New products and workflows need to be technically explained, sure, but marketing’s supposed to be fun after all, isn’t it?! Along with all of your traditional marketing content, give your prospects something they can understand and feel good about.

Chicken Noodle Coop is homemade, authentic, and for everyone. We will personify your brand and engage, excite and inspire your audience.

NET WT 175 lbs

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